Septic Testing in Erie & Pittsburgh, PA

Have you found the house of your dreams? Does it rely on a septic system or well water?

If you answered yes, you definitely want to consider a septic testing and well inspection before signing the contract. Having a professional on your side is important, as they will be able to find certain faults in the systems. At Home Inspection Management, we offer a range of services for wells and septic systems in the Erie, PA area.

Quality Home Inspections

When you hire us, rest assured that we will take the time needed to do a thorough assessment. We will adequately and thoroughly evaluate your well and/or septic system. A visual inspection may not be enough when it comes to these services. As a buyer, you want to make sure you are fully aware of what is going on in these systems to prevent you from paying out hundreds of dollars in repairs or replacements after the contract is signed.

Let us help prevent you from spending unnecessary costs. By just doing a visual inspection, you would never know if the tank is leaking, overfull, corroded, too small for the size of the house, etc. When you need a well or septic testing, give Home Inspection Management in Erie, PA a call!

You Can Trust In H.I.M.

If you’re buying a home, call us to provide a thorough inspection from the inside out, we won’t rush through the home, letting necessary repairs go unnoticed.
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